Hello and welcome to my website !

Please feel free to browse this website, which will continue to evolve over time.
Currently, most of my radio activities are WCA/BCA (castles) activations.

Below are the news and future outdoor activities with all related references.

I hope to hear you all on the air !

Best 73 de ON3CED.

Did you miss a reference? All the references and histories of my activations are available by clicking here...


- Next WCA/BCA activation(s):


Sunday October 16th:
- Contest 2m SSB (as ON4RAT): 7:00-10:00 UTC
- SOTA ON/ON-001: Signal de Botrange: 10:00-10:30 UTC
- ON-01998 + ON-01999 + ON-00219 + ON-00230: 11:30-14:00 UTC