History of past activations:


Monday May 1st: BCA Kasteaux 2023:
BCA Belgian Castle Activity
From sunrise (04:16 UTC) to sunset (19:02 UTC)
ON-01189: Château le Fy
ON-01191: Château de Lavaux
ON-01194: Château de la Tour
ON-01648: Château de Beaumont
ON-02475: Château Martin
Locator: JO20SM
216 QSO's

Sunday March, 19th:
1) Contest UBA 80m as ON4RAT/P (7:00-11:00 UTC)
2) 2x WCA activation from
ON-00228: Fort the Battice
ON-02033: (Château-ferme de Crèvecoeur), as ON4RAT/P
: JO20WP
70 QSO's


Friday December 30th:
ON-01192: Château Van Hoegaarden
ON-01195: Château de Brialmont
ON-01198: Château de Monceau
Locator: JO20TN
53 QSO's
ON-01189: Château le Fy
ON-01191: Château de Lavaux
ON-01194: Château de la Tour
ON-01648: Château de Beaumont
ON-02475: Château Martin
Locator: JO20SM
71 QSO's

Thursday December 29th:
ON-00251: Château de Montjardin
ON-01639: Château de Dieupart
Locator: JO20UL
101 QSO's
ON-01180: Château Hauster
ON-00241: Fort de Chaudfontaine
Locator: JO20TO
54 QSO's

Tuesday December 27th:
- ON-00703: Kasteel en burcht van Pietersheim
- ON-00705: Kasteel Hocht
Locator: JO20UV
148 QSO's

Monday December, 26th:
- ON-01169: Palais des Beaux-Arts (Liège)
- ON-01171: Château de Beaumont
Locator: JO20SO
100 QSO's

Friday November 18
ON-01205: Château de Villers-aux-Tours
ON-02463: Château de Hody
Locator: JO20SL
54 QSO's
ON-01573: Château de la Tour-au-Bois
ON-02035: Commanderie de l'Ordre du Temple
ON-02036: Manoir de la Tour
Locator: JO20QM
72 QSO's
ON-01522: Château Fabry
ON-01574: Château Le Prieuré
ON-01710: Château de Béemont
Locator: JO20QL
107 QSO's

Wednesday November 16:
ON-01206: Château de Xhos
ON-01618: Château-ferme de l'Abbaye
ON-01655: Château de Vien
Locator: JO20RL
114 QSO's
ON-01203: Château de l'Avouerie d'Anthisnes
ON-01204: Château d'Ouar
Locator: JO20SL
93 QSO's

Tuesday November 8th:
ON-01656: Tour de Poulseur
ON-01199: Château Chanxhe
Locator: JO20SM
86 QSO's
ON-01201: Château de Florzé
ON-01637: Château des Cretalles
Locator: JO20UL
95 QSO's
ON-02012: Château d'Amblève
ON-02037: Château de Martinrive
Locator: JO20TL
54 QSO's

Monday November, 7th:
ON-01202: Château de Presseux
ON-01650: Château de Lincé
ON-01651: Château de Xhignez
Locator: JO20TM
77 QSO's
ON-01613: Château de Chaityfontaine
ON-01652: Château de Fawes
Locator: JO20UM
73 QSO's

Thursday November, 3rd:
- ON-00749: Kasteel Groenendaal
- ON-00750: Kasteel Jonckholt
Locator: JO20SV
51 QSO's

Wednesday November, 2nd:
- ON-01158: Kasteel van Heks
- ON-01160: Kasteel van Horne
Locator: JO20QS
50 QSO's

Sunday October 16th:
- ON-01998: Château d'Andrimont
- ON-01999: Château de la Porte d'Ardenne
- ON-00219: Château (internat)
- ON-00230: Château de Goé
Locator: JO20XO
53 QSO's

Monday October 10th:
- ON-00257: Château de Bonne-Espérance
- ON-01518: Château de Loumaye
- ON-01551: Château de Vierset-Godin
- ON-01552: Château de Tihange
- ON-01689: Château de la Sauvenière
- ON-01690: Château de Fond l'Evêque
- ON-01691: Château de la Motte
Locator: JO20PM
122 QSO's
- ON-01569: Château-ferme du Sart
- ON-01570: Château-ferme d'Ampsin
Locator: JO20PN
55 QSO's

Sunday October 9th:
- ON-01617: Château de Banneux
- ON-02031: Château de Haute-Fraipont
Locator: JO20UM
71 QSO's
- ON-00247: Fort de Tancrémont
- ON-01611: Château des Mazures
- ON-01612: Château de Tancrémont
Locator: JO20VN
130 QSO's

Tuesday October 4th:
ON-00742: Kasteel Burghof
ON-01151: Kasteel Terwaart
ON-01143: Kasteel Weyer
ON-01154: Kasteelhoeve van Bockrijk
Locator: JO20RU
130 QSO's

Sunday October 2nd:
1: ON-00228 (Fort de Battice) + ON-02033 (Château-ferme de Crèvecoeur): 53 QSO's
2: ON-02034 (Château de Bosse) + ON-01591 (Château de Chaineux): 62 QSO's
Locator: JO20WP

Monday August 29th:
ON-00725: Kasteel van Rosmeulen
ON-00726: Kasteel Scherpenberg
Locator: JO20SS
79 QSO's

Friday August 5th:
ON-00204: Château de Colonster
ON-00242: Fort d'Embourg
ON-01197: Château de Sainval
Locator: JO20TN
88 QSO's

Thursday August 4th:
ON-01177: Château de Gaillarmont
ON-01589: Château de Neufcour
Locator: JO20TO
61 QSO's

Wednesday August 3rd:
ON-00232: Fort de Flémalle
ON-01535: Château de la Petite Flémalle
Locator: JO20RO
81 QSO's

Tuesday August 2nd:
ON-01680: Château de Ramet
ON-01681: Château de la Croix St Hubert
ON-01683: Château de la Châtaigneraie
Locator: JO20RO
100 QSO's

Monday August 1st:
ON-01677: Château d'Otrange
ON-01678: Château-ferme de Thys
Locator: JO20QR
82 QSO's

Friday July, 15:
ON-02013: Château des Rochettes
ON-02713: Château Borzeux
ON-02014: Château Malaccord
ON-01641: Château de Montis
Locator: JO20XJ
100 QSO's

Thursday July, 14:
ON-00185: Schloss Thal
ON-00180: Schloss Libermé
ON-01598: Burg Gross Weims
Locator: JO30AP
150 QSO's

Wednesday July, 13:
ON-00199: Château de Broich
ON-00200: Château de Streversdrop
Locator: JO20XQ
61 QSO's

Monday July, 11:
ON-00209: Château de Beauregard
ON-00210: Château de Haméval
Locator: JO20VP
53 QSO's

Saturday June, 18:
ON-00193: Château-Ferme de Clermont
ON-00194: Château de l'Aguesse
ON-00195: Château-Ferme des Couves
Locator: JO20WP
88 QSO's

- Saturday May 21:
ON-00181: Schloss Neuhaus
ON-00183: Hof Mützhof
ON-00184: Schloss Thor
Locator: JO30AQ
76 QSO's

- Wednesday May 18:

ON-01587: Château de Cheratte
ON-00238: Fort de Barchon
Locator: JO20UQ
55 QSO's

- Saturday April 30:

ON-01178: Tour Pépin
ON-01179: Château Rouge
Locator: JO20TP
65 QSO's

- Friday April 8:

ON-01695: Château-ferme de Borsu
ON-01697: Ancien château de Bodegnée
Locator: JO20PO
105 QSO's

- Thursday April 7:

ON-01539: Château de Horion
ON-01540: Château de Lexhy
Locator: JO20QP
86 QSO's

- Wednesday April 6:

In two times:
ON-01181: Château du Trumly
ON-01616: Château des Roches
ON-02003: Château de la Fenderie
ON-01615: Château Bleu
Locator: JO20TN
149 QSO's
ON-02473: Château de Bois Lemoine
ON-01619: Manoir de Pery
Locator: JO20UN
51 QSO's

- Tuesday April 5:

ON-01685: Château de Loncin
ON-00234: Fort de Loncin
Locator: JO20SQ
100 QSO's

- Monday April 4:

ON-01597: Château d'Oupeye
ON-00237: Fort de Pontisse
Locator: JO20TQ
70 QSO's (Best DX: VK4KA)

- March 20, 2022:

ON-01542: Château de Magnery
ON-01700: Château de Halledet
Locator: JO20QN
74 QSO's

- March 13, 2022:

ON-00239: Fort d'Evegnée
ON-01590: Château d'Heuseux
Locator: JO20UP
53 QSO's

- February 21, 2022:

ON-00246: Fort d'Aubin-Neufchâteau
ON-02467: Château de Winerotte
Locator: JO20VR
51 QSO's

- February 19, 2022:

- ON-01183: Château de Seraing
- ON-01184: Château Antoine
- ON-01185: Château Courtejoye
- ON-01186: Château d'Ordange
Locator: JO20SP
62 QSO's.

- ON-00233: Fort de Hollogne
- ON-00244: Château de Hollogne
Locator: JO20RP
61 QSO's.

- January 31, 2022:

ON-01174: Château Nagelmackers
ON-01175: Château de Kinkempois
Locator: JO20SO
52 QSO's.

- January 24, 2022:

ON-01985: Château de Berneau
ON-01986: Château de Longchamps
Locator: JO20UR
50 QSO's.

- January 22, 2022:

ON-01628: Villa Marie-Henriette
ON-01629: Villa Heid Fanard
ON-01630: Villa Le Freuheu
ON-01631: Château des Sorbiers
ON-01632: Villa New Castle
Locator: JO20WL
108 QSO's. Thank you very much!